Are Podcasts the 'IT' Thing of 2024 or Just Another Trend?

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Once upon a time, in the fast-paced realm of brand marketing, a trend emerged – the comeback of podcasts. As brands seek new avenues to captivate audiences, 2024 seems poised to be the year when brand podcasts take center stage. Picture this: Big players like Sephora embracing the podcast wave, using it as a strategic move for brand growth. It's not just about starting a podcast; it's about crafting a narrative that resonates. At Santé House, we understand the power of storytelling, backed by research and strategy, to position your brand as a pillar in its industry.

Stats That Speak Volumes:
In a world dominated by visual content, the auditory allure of podcasts is gaining momentum. According to recent studies, podcast listenership has surged by 29% in the past year alone, with an estimated 155 million people tuning in regularly. Brands are taking note, with a 57% increase in the number of businesses using podcasts as a marketing tool. The numbers don't lie – podcasts are not just a trend; they're a powerhouse for brand reach and growth.

Big Brand Moves – Sephora Steals the Show:

Enter Sephora, the cool kid on the block. They're not just slapping on lipstick; they're talking trends, spills, and chills on their podcast. It's not just beauty tips; it's brand strategy on steroids. Now, the burning question: Is your brand ready to trade the runway for the airwaves?

Aligning Podcasts with Your Brand Strategy:

Now hold up – Before jumping on the podcast bandwagon, brand owners and entrepreneurs need to ask a crucial question: Does it align with your brand strategy? At Santé House, we've been helping brands strategize and produce killer podcasts, ensuring that every episode aligns seamlessly with their brand narrative. It's not just about the visual identity and website experience; it's about crafting an auditory experience that resonates with your audience.

Sealing the Podcast Deal:
Vandalpop Media, one of our esteemed clients, has been at the forefront of podcast strategy for years, helping brands navigate the uncharted waters of audio storytelling. As you contemplate podcasting for your brand, consider this – does it fit into your brand's broader strategy? Will it enhance your brand's position as a leader in your industry? If the answer is a resounding "yes," then you might just be on the brink of unlocking unprecedented brand growth.


As we wrap up this journey into the podcast renaissance of 2024 and before you hit record,  take a beat. Ask yourself: Does your brand strategy align with the stories you want to tell? Is your visual identity as strong as your narrative? If the answer's a shaky "maybe" or a doubtful "I'm not sure," don't worry. We've got your back.

This is where we can help! Reach out to us, and let's ensure your brand foundations are set in stone before you venture into the captivating world of podcasting. And hey, we've got some friends over at Vandalpop who are absolute maestros in the podcasting game. Let's partner up, craft a killer strategy, and make sure your brand not only gets heard but resonates in the hearts of your audience.

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In the realm of fleeting attention spans, 2024 marks the resurgence of brand podcasts. It's not just a trend; it's a strategic leap for brand growth. Sephora, the beauty behemoth, is already setting the stage with engaging audio narratives. But here's the real scoop...
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